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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Bonjour et bienvenue sur mon blog

Happy New Year to you all. Where did 2019 go? Looking back at my blogs it only seems like yesterday that I was typing my 2019 update, yet here we are wishing a happy new year to 2020. You may think I am mad, however I do like to set myself some New Year Resolutions. One of them is to blog more frequently. So here goes. Lets see if I succeed.

Firstly, let me tell you about how 2019 ended. With a bang might I add. Despite all of the work that Darren has completed in shady rest we have never held a winter party. So last year was the first. We decided to hold a Winter Warmer Party for all of our friends and neighbours 21 Dec prior to everyone going separate ways to celebrate with close family either in France or back in the UK. The weeks leading up to the party were full on (we can never just hold a party!). Darren decided to make a large Nativity scene which turned out to have handmade clothes and large wooden characters.

This went down a storm, literally. People loved them. Then came his home cooked menu consisting or vegan dishes and scotch eggs plus lots more. Oh and my contribution.......a trifle. There were copious amounts of alcohol, luxury hot chocolate, mulled wine, topped off with a tipple or 3 of sherry, port, armagnac, whisky or rum. So as you can imagine, we all had a fabulous time...............despite the weather.

This is where the 'storm' and 'bang' came in. 1 hour prior to the party starting we were hit by Storm Fabien, and what a storm it was. High winds with lots of rain. People were advised to stay indoors. Places had closed down early. So here we both were, sat in Shady rest with our father and mother clause outfits on, contemplating what we were going to do with all the food and drink? But then, ...........people started to arrive. A total of 20 people braved the weather and celebrated until the early hours of the morning. Singing and dancing. What a fantastic night it turned out to be. Just what shady rest deserved.

So here we are into 2020. I say this every year so here goes, 'And what a year it is going to be'.

January - This month we have welcomed 22 rescue battery hens into the orchard. They are slowly finding their feet and getting more inquisitive day by day. Lovely fresh eggs now for all of our guests.


*Feb - Development of our Formal Rose Garden.

*May 1st - We re open our doors to Marcadis Gite which is now going to stay open all year round for short term holiday lets. Ideal for those house hunting or who wish to see more wildlife through the winter months.

*May 17 - We open the grounds and gardens for 'Jardins Ouverts' 1100 - 1800 hrs.

*June onwards - Development of the Glamping Site in Walnut Orchard ready for May 2021 Opening.

Well thats my January 2020 update. I am looking forward to updating you again in February re the Rose Garden and how it is looking ahead of the open day. If you are around on May 17, please come and join us. All proceeds going to charity.

Thank you for taking time to read our blogs.

Merci et à bientôt

Darren et Paula


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