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Bonne année et bienvenue en 2022

Happy New year to you all. I cannot believe that it is the last day of January tomorrow. Where has the time gone? And where has 2021 gone? I must say, I am glad to see the back of it, however we did have a fabulous year. Yes we didn't get Walnut Grove Glamping up and running, but we did fill Marcadis Gite from May to October. We had some lovely guests and one not so nice, but that is a completely different story.

The animals are all happy and well. Alfie has hit the ripe old age of 18 and with old age brings ailments. Sadly he has now got doggie dementia. Along with his deafness and minimal sight it has been very difficult to watch. Plus in December he was diagnosed with Cushing's disease. He has his up and down days however remains happy and has Darren wrapped around his little paw. We have had a new member join the furry family group. Frank (photo to follow when we can get one) joined us at the middle of 2021. He was a grey stripy male kitten who took a fancy to dumpy, following her everywhere. He ended up making Finders Keepers his home and has now grown into a strong handsome cat. He continues to hold onto his 'crown jewels' despite trying to catch him to take him to the vet for their removal (I think he knows). His love affair with Dumpy didn't last long when he realised what he was letting himself in for.

Finders Keepers France continues to develop. It has been a slow process due to COVID and what it has brought over the last few years. Thankfully with every cancellation came a booking due to having a waiting list. Yes a waiting list. Who knew in 2017 when we opened our doors we would have a waiting list of guests wanting to book Marcadis Gite. It is incredible. This year we have decided to hold off with Walnut Grove Glamping until May 2023 due to work we would like to complete on Marcadis Gite.

This year brings a complete new makeover for Marcadis Gite. A full repaint and new panelling around the lounge area. A new shower and full renovation of the wet room. The lounge will see two new sofas and furnishings, and the bedroom will see a large king size bed. Lots to do on the inside will see Darren very busy over the next few months. Also due to the naughty chickens getting into the habit of knocking on the patio window for treats, we are going to make a secluded garden room (photos to follow). This will provide another private outdoor dining area away from the sun, plus keep the chickens off of the patio and away from the doors.

Shady Rest will also undergo a full revamp. New furniture and redesign. I really don't want to say what we are going to do in case it tips Darren over the edge as his list is getting longer by the day. Our plan is to make it much more comfortable and relaxing. More details to follow.

The sunrises, sunsets and sky over the winter months have never disappointed. It is amazing the colours they bring.

Well that's it for now. I hope you all stay safe and we are hoping for a 'nearly back to how it was' year. I will update you again in March to let you know how the Gite is coming along.

Thank you for listening.

See you soon

A bientôt

Darren et Paula


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