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Welcome Nigel, Lewis and Eddie - The latest boys to join Finders Keepers France

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Well hello to you all. We cannot believe it is August already. Where has the time gone. Only 2 more months and we will be closing for the end of the season. The very last season for Darren being on his own, and only 6 months and 12 days until I finally get to call France my true home. A very scary time for me indeed. Not only will I have to live full time with Darren (dont tell him I said this), but I will be classified as a retiree. Darren will become my boss and I will have to start working for a living, or so he tells me. A scary but exciting time indeed.

We have been very busy indeed over the past few months. Darren has been busy finishing Sunset View (more on this to follow). We have had back to back bookings in Marcadis Gite. Plus we have added to our animals rescues. We seem to have increased by 3. Let me introduce you to our latest new members.


April saw us welcome Nigretto (now called Nigel) from a local rescue centre. Nigel is a very spoilt 5 year old chihuahua who is going to require lots of strict discipline due to his jealous clingy nature. Darren fell madly in love with him at first sight and I must say, they make a very loving couple. You will see him out and about around the grounds training with his small muzzle insitu due to his snappy chihuahua characteristic. We are hoping, over time, with strict discipline this will be corrected, allowing him the freedom to relax around guests. He loves to sit on the tractor whilst Darren mows the lawns, or asleep on the sofa.


Also in April Loustic came to stay with us short term as a foster. He is a shitzu x Dachshund therefore small in size. Initially we wanted to adopt another small dog as a friend for Nigel and to help correct his jealous nature. We received a call from a local rescue centre asking if we were interested in fostering Loustic as his owner had died. Loustic had not had a great start in life. Only 7 years of age he had 8 owners over a 5 year period, and had been passed from pillar to post. Understandably he came with trust issues. Off Darren went to collect him only to be greeted with a withdrawn, skinny, smelly little chap. His fur was matted in clumps and he had suffered trauma to his face resulting in a missing top lip, half of his nose and upper teeth. Loustic hated to be left alone, crying and barking throughout the night, He was not house trained, was afraid to eat and constantly tried to escape. Fast forward 3 months after alot of love, time and support, Loustic (now called Lewis), is fully house trained, sleeps perfectly, no longer escapes, has an amazing apetite. He has gained weight, his coat is soft and glossy and he loves life, people and other dogs. He has settled in so well to the family and surroundings, we decided to adopt him in July. Despite the trauma and troubled life he has endured, this little guy is the most lovable effectionate little dog we have ever met. He loves cuddles and watching anything and everything. He loves the outdoors and can be found laying in the front garden relaxing or playing with his little brother Eddie who he absolutely adores.


Eddie is our final rescue, and what a character. We received a call from the rescue centre in June to say another chihuahua was in bound called Unic. He was only 2.5months of age therefore needed to be moved on quickly so not to have to endure the trauma of a rescue centre. Initially we said no more than 2 dogs; however, seeing his photo we were smitten. Eddie became the final piece to the jigsaw in July 23, and has changed all of our lives. He has become the sleeping parter for Nigel and they are regularly found sleeping nose to nose. He has taught Lewis how to play and they love chasing each other and playing tug with the toys. Eddie has brought so much fun to the house and not a day goes by without carnage. He loves to collect items, he chases his brothers constantly, he likes to relax in Lewis's water bowl when hes hot and he loves to steel Nigel and Lewis's food. This little fella is incredible and everyone who he meets falls in love with him. I am sure you will see him out and about around the grounds or sleeping behind the bar in his little house.

We are hoping this will be our last rescue however we will never say never. We will always open our doors to any animal in need, so watch this space for more updates over time.

Thank you for reading about our latest rescues to Finders Keepers France. I will update you in a few weeks about the fabulous updates to Sunset view. For now we wish you a happy and relaxing August.

See you again in September

Darren, Paula and the gang




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