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A Romantic Hideaway at Marcadis Gite French Holiday Let

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Romantic Hideaway you may say?

When we purchased Finders Keepers France in July 2016 we wanted to develop it into a retreat for people to visit who enjoyed nature, wildlife and the great outdoors. We opened our doors to Marcadis Gite French Holiday Let in June 2017 and as the season progressed and guests came and went we realised that the lake and grounds were what attracted people to the area. Guests would walk the grounds and sit by the lake until well into the early hours. They would even go out in the boat with a bottle of champagne on a moonlit night. This is how our Romantic Hideaway developed.

Initially we decided to place some furniture and a BBQ by the side of the lake for people to sit and watch the never ending wildlife who visit the lake to drink. This only stayed for a few weeks as we then decided to install a decking area to make it more comfortable with table and chairs.

Guests were now able to relax by the waters edge and have a BBQ and a glass or two of wine.

It wasn't until August 2017 we decided to relocate the BBQ and dining area to a higher ground and erect a gazebo onto the decking complete with comfy furniture and fly screen netted curtains. This has proven to be very popular with guests as it provides shade plus cover from insects if required.

It has even brought a proposal.

I am sure as our second season develops so will out lakeside facilities (without spoiling the scenery and wildlife) allowing guests to relax in comfort. We have recently installed solar lights to the gazebo enabling guests to stay as late as they wish to enjoy the fabulous skies over the lake.

As the lakeside develops so will my blog.

Thanks for following.


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