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How easy can it be to build a duck house???

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Bonjour et bienvenue

I hope this blogs finds you all well and enjoying the fabulous weather. Finally we can say "yes we are" as temperatures reach 33 degrees and finally the rain has left leaving the garden looking its best . I am not sure if I have blogged photos of our fabulous rose garden but here they are:

We are very lucky to not suffer from black spot; however, Darren does have an obsession with them and is permanently dead heading and hosing them down. One very proud father.

Anyway, moving on to what my blog is actually about and that is our Ducks.

When we purchased Finders Keepers France back in 2016 we found just 2 ducks on the lake (a male and a female). We were hoping to see the family grow over the next few years, which I am afraid hasn't happened. We have however welcomed 3 more duck couples who are thoroughly enjoying the lake and the grounds around it. Sadly still no ducklings. 

We have found many eggs around the grounds but all in the wrong areas. Not great when we have so much wildlife come to visit the lake.

 It was time for Darren to step into action. So here came our very first duck house which is now sitting pretty on the lake waiting for its first family to move in and make us very proud parents. Despite not having a lot of products to work with I think he has made a fantastic home and it certainly looks great out on the lake. I hope you all think the same.

We will update you of its progress. 

I was hoping to do a blog about our Squirrel garden and how it has developed however I am still waiting for Darren to send me current photographs. He moves so quickly from one project to another I just cannot keep up. Fingers crossed that will be my next blog. You never know that may happen tomorrow.

Anyway thank you once again for listening and following our adventures.

Merci et nous espérons vous revoir bientôt

Paula et Darren


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