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Bon weekend from beautiful Finders Keepers France

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome to our latest blog. Its been a month since our last Blog and what a busy month it has been.

We opened for our second season on the 1st May and was very worried initially due to the poor start to the year with the floods etc, but we need not worry. It has been another great season with some amazing guests and very positive feedback. We have still got 2 months to go with back to back bookings, so remain full steam ahead and focussed.

Around the guests Darren has remained busy developing the grounds for both their comfort and our visiting wildlife. This year has seen the introduction of a duck house which quickly became home to 5 beautiful little ducklings. The bug garden also became home to some very inquisitive little hedgehogs who took up residence in one of Darren's hog houses. We have also seen a baby hare jumping around the gardens in amongst the wildflower meadows and more importantly we have seen an OTTER, yes an OTTER. Initially we thought it was one of the Coypus but have been updated by the last 3 guests that it is indeed an Otter. We are still to get a photograph as it is a very nervous little otter and only comes out very early or late in the evening, but this is a great development here and fantastic news for the local area.

Darren has completed lots of clearing in and around the lake resulting in the lake looking its best. We have seen a large increase in the amount of guests booking to enjoy an early morning swim, resulting in Darren building a swimming platform with a floating pontoon at the deep end of the lake. Due to its popularity it has now become home to our rowing boat, 2 sun loungers, a BBQ and a dining area. Follow the slide show below to see the completed stage. 

For anyone who knows me well enough will know I love my lists, after-all I am a Taurus. Saying that, Darren has now become a 'list' lover and eagerly awaits their development. Saying that, we have just sat down and completed our winter list which happens to be 5 pages long. We feel it is going to be a very busy winter but worth it when our 3rd season begins.

Winter will see lots of garden development around the main house, gite and barn (Shady Rest). We plan to finalise the bug garden, add a Mediterranean rock garden around the dipping pool, design a meditation and yoga garden to absorb the outstanding views of the local chateau, and finally start the amazing butterfly garden which will be the size of a football pitch with a floating gazebo with sofas. 

Before I finish I would like to share some of this years photographs to show you how things have developed this season. I will try and blog as many times as I can over the winter season but it may be a busy one so blogs may be short.

Well I would like to thank you all, once again for the support you have provided Darren and I through our second season. I am sure you will hear from me again before the year is out. If we get too busy and am unable to log in, you will hear from us again early 2019 with our new developments ready for our 3rd season here at Finders Keepers France. Its going to be an exciting year 2019 if all plans happen.

Merci et à très bientôt. Passe un bon weekend

Darren, Paula, Alfie, Sunflower, Dumpy, Ginger et Claude.


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