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Bonjour and hello Summer

Hello and welcome back. I hope that this blog finds you all well and rested. Its been a busy one.

This year didn't start off too well. Sadly I was stuck in the UK up until April so a lot of our double person jobs had to be put on hold which resulted in Darren's work around the retreat slowing down. Finally I made it back in April where catch up began. We had a whole 3 weeks of decorating, or rather I did. Darren is more like Mr Bean and would rather put a stick of dynamite into a paint pop and let rip. Or rather it looks like that afterwards. He gets paint everywhere except where it should be. Due to this the painting was left to me. He chooses the colours and I do the application. Initially we started on the Gite and gave it a full renovation. Painting everything, adding new sofas, new curtains, new furniture and a king size bed. It was a mammoth task that nearly killed us both; however, looking back on it now, it was well worth it. We made sure we rewarded ourselves with lots of alcohol and good food. Here's the new transformation:

To celebrate completion we decided to treat ourselves to a meal out which in turn brought more hard work. Sitting in the restaurant we both admired the blue walls saying how fabulous the colour would work in 'Shady Rest'. Low and behold, a short trip next door to the DIY store and painting commenced in 'Shady Rest'. We now have a relaxing reading area with 3 bookcases of French and English books, a large armour full of games, a large table to play the games on and a newly updated bar area. I must say, this is the best transformation so far. Even Ginger loves it and can regularly be found asleep in her new bed.

Upstairs in the hayloft the star gazing telescope has a new home with its very own opening window.

This year we opened our doors from mid April due to requests and are 90% full up to mid September which is fantastic. Work now commences on the gardens and planting. Here are some photos from the grounds this year.

Well that's it for this month. 2023 sees the opening of Walnut Grove Glamping therefore work has started on the planning stage. Lots to do and prepare. Updates to follow as it slowly develops.

Stay safe and once again thank you for following our life in France.

See you all again soon

Paula and Darren

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