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The heatwave @ Finders Keepers France

Hello and welcome back.

July is here and we have all been hit by the heat wave. As Darren says 'its a crispy one'. Everything has dried and fried. The lush green grass is now beige with the hot crispy feel. Even the trees are starting to turn brown. It is such a shame as the gardens have never looked so beautiful. Our guests are wishing for rain and the animals have retreated to the cool shade. This has got to be the longest hot spell we have experienced since moving to France. Initially it was great; however, everything has come to an abrupt stop. Not just the growing of the grass, trees and flowers but Darren. He has taken to the lounge and is refusing to come out and work until it cools down. Developments have therefore come to a halt........

Walnut Grove Glamping - The glamping site is slowly taking shape. Work has begun on developing the wild flower meadows around the site itself. We have taken delivery of the Walnut Tipi and Hazel Belle tents and have erected them, allowing us to see where the best locations will be. Each tent will be mounted on a decked platform, not only to protect the tents but also to allow comfort for our guests and provide them with fabulous views whilst sat inside.

Winter 2022 and Spring 2023 are going to be a very exciting time for Finders Keepers France. Work will start on:

  • The decking areas and planting for Walnut Tipi and Hazel Belle.

  • The glamping/camping communal kitchen.

  • The indoor shower and toilet.

  • The ECO Green composting toilet.

  • The Mediterranean outdoor open air shower.

  • The second small dipping/cooling pool.

  • The wellness meditation/yoga area.

  • And finally the expansion of sunset view relaxation area.

Its going to be a very busy time however we are so excited for this one. It is well overdue due to COVID hence our excitement. Photos will follow as the projects unfold.

Marcadis Gite as always is proving very popular and we continue taking booking into September. The renovations have been successful and returning guests are loving the changes and upgrades. This years change will be the introduction of a window into the bathroom to help with ventilation and air cycle.

For now, I will leave you with photos of this year and the crispy gardens. Look after yourselves, thank you for joining us and see you again in a few months.

Bye for now

Darren and Paula


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