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Bonjour et bienvenue. Son mai.....

Hello and welcome back. We made it. May is here, and has been for a few weeks.

We have seen Labour day come and go; a day where Lily of the Valley flowers are purchased and presented to friends and family as a token of their appreciation. I certainly think Darren should have received a huge bouquet of them this year for the work he has achieved ready for this season. Labour day saw places close for the day and families and friends come together, or attempt to. Sadly this is another event I have had to miss due to my commitment to the Royal Navy and Nursing in the UK. Socialising with family and friends has taken a huge step back however the Lily of the Valley Flower continues to bloom and spread love and appreciation all over France.

Lily of the Valley

France remained in lock down until 3 May, where we saw the end of the attestations and the 10km limit. Everyone was able to spread their wings further whilst still adhering to a 19h curfew. May 19th saw the curfew move to 21h and saw venues start to reopen, which was great news for Finder Keepers France. We were finally able to open our doors and welcome in 2021. We saw an immediate increase in bookings and interest. Couples wanting to escape the confinements of everyday life and experience the freedom of having 13 acres to themselves, or rather sharing it with the visiting wildlife. We said 2020 was a great year for bookings, but this year has already exceeded it.

We stood by the decision to delay the opening of Walnut Grove Glamping and the Lakeside Camping until May 2022 for the safety of our current guests. This has allowing Darren time to redesign the grounds and facilities ready to welcome more guests in 2022. I am sure you are all going to love the changes that have taken place.

La Shoppe - Our little rustic Glamping/Camping shop continues to grow and is near completion on the outside. All of the walls and windows are now in place and the outside patio area and lighting is down ready for the garden wall and gate. However, behind closed doors is another story; one that we will speak about in a later blog.

Dipping Pool - We have never had the desire to build a large swimming pool due to owning a very large 3 acre spring fed lake and a separate smaller dipping pool. The lake continues to be a favourite for those who love to swim with nature; whilst the dipping pool is ideally placed for those with limited mobility who are unable to take advantage of the lake due to its distance from the main accommodation and shady rest. This year has seen a huge makeover around sunset view and shady rest, allowing easy access to the dipping pool for everyone. It is now surrounded by a large decked area with loungers and planters, maintaining the fabulous views and sheltered location. Guests can now enter the water easily and safely or just sit and relax on the waters edge. Planting has begun around sunset view adding that tropical Mediterranean feel it deserves.

The Gardens - As you will all know May is my favourite time of year, and yet again, I will miss it due to COVID. We decided to cancel the Open Gardens event again but have everything crossed to be able to open to the public May 2022. This year the gardens will see some major developments with lots of new gardens being designed. The first will be the Mediterranean tropical garden around sunset view with its cactus's and succulents. Photos to follow as and when it gets underway. For now we welcome the arrival of the Californian poppies and the Wild orchids.

2021 Developments - This year will see major developments get underway to Painters Forge, when it is turned into the Glamping/Camping kitchen and shower block. Walnut Grove will see the decking platforms arrive in preparation for the Canvas Tents and the erection of the luxury composting toilets. 2022 is going to be something very special for our future guests, providing them with the opportunity to get close and personal with nature and see it from inside a luxury tent with many home comforts. Luna Gold will be our first development, home to a king size Gold French bed with solar power and luxurious accessories. Perfect. Watch this space for more updates and photographs as the developments unfold and progress.

Enjoy your new found freedom and stay safe.

We hope to see you all soon. If not I will chat to you all again in a few weeks with further updates of how 2021 unfolds.

Merci de votre écoute. Restez en sécurité et restez forts.

Darren et Paula

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