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What a year.....

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Well......Where do I start. It certainly didn't go the way I anticipated when I wrote my last blog, promising you all that I would blog monthly. It has been a very testing start to 2020 and one that will certainly go down in history. I have avoided writing a blog due to both time and what to actually say. I will certainly not be talking about the C-19 word and how it has affected us all however I do feel that we owe all of our followers and guests a well overdue update. Finders Keepers France continues to grow in many ways and there has been many changes already this year. Darren has also been working very hard to get the grounds looking their best; so for him, our followers and future guests, here is our Spring 2020 Blog.

Darren is thoroughly enjoying the freedom he has at the minute, allowing him to do what he wants and when he wants (within his home boundaries, that is). The nagging wife has gone back to the UK due to nursing commitments with no expected return date, so he is left with peace, nature and all of his animals. Pure Bliss! Thankfully we live within 16 acres of beautiful grounds allowing Alfie the dog to have his walks and Darren the freedom to let loose. Due to the strict regime France is under with the C-19 virus it has made Darren complete tasks he has been putting off. Our only issues have been both money and obtaining supplies. Things we wanted to get completed such as the new Honesty stand and formal rose garden have had to be put on hold until we are able to buy wood and cement. However we remain grateful for what we have and appreciate its beauty.

Sadly our charity garden open day which was planned for May has had to be postponed until next year, which is very sad as the gardens are looking fantastic. Regular updates of the grounds will continue on the 'open gardens/Jardins Ouverts' FB page and also through the Marcadis Gite FB page. Here are a few photos taken already this year showing its beauty.

Our 22 rescued ex battery hens are enjoying life and have settled into Finders Keepers France. They are keeping Sunflower, Ginger and Dumpy (the cats) in place and are busy helping Darren with the weeding. Here is a before and after photograph so you can see their improvement.

They are producing fantastic large eggs which have gone down a storm with our neighbours. As a result we have set up an honesty stand allowing our guests and local neighbours the opportunity to buy fresh free range eggs whenever they need them. All proceeds going back into the chickens and also in preparation for our planned duck rescue.

Sunset view garden has received a tidy and redesign of plants ready for the swimming pool. This has been an area we were never happy with however it has proven to be a very popular area with guests. So, we have had a re think and have redesigned its use leaving Darren with a very long list of jobs prior to the installation of the pool. Photos to follow as this is an ongoing project.

Finally Darren has been busy logging, preparing and re stocking his wood store ready for winter. During this process he has decided to keep one of the fallen trees and turn it into a seating area. Located en route from the lake to the main house it is perfectly positioned to have a part way sit and enjoy the view. Still ongoing, here is its current status.

Well I think that has brought you up to speed with where we are at at this current time. We have our fingers crossed that we see a positive shift with the current virus situation enabling people to move forward with their lives, appreciating what they have and finding time to spend with close family and friends. We hope that we are able to welcome all of our guests booked into Marcadis Gite this year, however for now we just hope everyone stays safe.

Thank you for listening. Stay safe and à bientôt.

Darren et Paula


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