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Bonjour de Finders Keepers France

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Hello and welcome. We hope this blog finds you safe and well and adapting to the 'New Normal'. We have had many concerns about opening our doors this season due to COVID-19 however our minds were put to rest when we welcomed our first guests last week. The young French couple from Bordeaux settled in well and enjoyed the vast open space on offer whilst drinking in the fresh air, mask free. Well known for our 'discreet' hosting we remained here for the guests but out of sight allowing them the freedom they needed, maintaining our safety as well as theirs. We are very thankful for the large amount of open space we have here at Finders Keepers France to be able to allow this. This not only put our minds at rest, as hosts, but it has also generated interest keeping us busy with numerous enquiries. Despite a late start to the season we have taken bookings into September and October from couples looking to escape the cities. Perfect for us. 2020 may work out okay after all.

A positive from our late start to the season is the work we, or rather, Darren has been able to complete. In my previous blog I spoke about the 'New Idea' he had whilst he was in bed . His 'New Idea' saw Marcadis Gite undergo a huge transformation. In just 4 weeks Darren was able to transform the garden from a small courtyard to a large 2 tiered terraced masterpiece complete with a separate dining area and relaxation area with mood lighting. I think this one has to be Darren's finest development and one I feel the guests are going to love. It was touch and go if we were going to complete it in time however we achieved it with just 30 minutes to spare. Boy was that stressful. It is only right for me to add all of the photographs from 2017 until the present day so you can see the work Darren has put into the overall design. As he keeps telling me, 'he is now a broken man'.

2017 to 2020 - The development of Marcadis Garden from start to finish:

Marcadis Gite - The Finished result:

Claude has now graced us with his presence for the past 2 months and seems to be making Finders Keepers France his home, once again. We are not sure how long it will be this time however continue to feed him and try to gain his trust. We are desperate to apply a bell collar however more importantly to take a trip to the vets for the removal of his 'you know what'. Sunflower, Ginger and Dumpy are having to endure his naughty antics which is not going down well with them at all.

The chickens are all doing well and appear very happy however are becoming very mischievous. Lady, or rather 'Sick Note' as we fondly call her, has had a couple more admissions to Darren's 'Sick Bay' enjoying his home cooked food and warm water massage however it has now become apparent that she may have not been sick after all, just enjoying the pampering and fine dining. Who wouldn't. Cooked spaghetti, hand fed banana followed by a warm soak in the tub with a relaxing massage. Darren also lost the whole of his strawberry plot after 2 chickens launched themselves from their coop, over the fence landing perfectly amongst the strawberry plants. Pure heaven. They immediately set about devouring the lot, even the roots. leaving a perfect weed free bed; much to Darren's delight. Not to forget the loss of both his start and finish flag on the pitch and putt golf course after a hungry wild boar took a fancy to them, leaving just the shape of their teeth on the flag pole itself. We had to laugh.

Well life continues to pass us by at Finders Keepers France. We are very grateful to be fully booked from mid July through to the end of August with intermittent bookings thereafter. This will allow Darren the time to sit back and enjoy the work he has completed, recharging his batteries ready for it to recommence in November. Please don't remind him of that just yet. We have made a bold decision to open the Glamping Site in Walnut Grove from May 2021 so I already see lots of hard work ahead of us to get it to the standard we expect. We are both very excited to get started on this project as it has been something we have wanted for so long. We hope to have the Lotus Belle Tent up and ready for Guests from 1 June 2021 complete with an ECO toilet and shower followed shortly by the Teepee. Perfect for those who love nature and sleeping under the stars. I will take great pleasure in updating you as it develops. Wish us luck.

Thank you once again for reading our Blog. Both Darren and I love to share our stories with you and show case all of Darren's designs.

Take care, stay safe and à bientôt

Paula et Darren


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