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Is the rain really coming to an end?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Well I think the title says it all. Are we coming out the other side? Do I see a sun replacing the rainy clouds that have ruled our weather app for many months - 3 months to be exact.

Weather app.

 Yes the rain has filled up our lake and flushed it through plus brought more wildlife to our watering hole, however the time has come now for it to stop, and fingers crossed that may be on the horizon. The bedrooms are now decorated so Darren has very itchy feet and needs to get outside, for his sake and mine. 

We have also started to see the hydrangeas and roses start to bud and our bulbs and wildflowers starting to poke through the damp soil, which means only one thing, spring is fast approaching. I absolutely love spring, more than Summer. Why? Flowers, colours and smells. When we purchased Finders Keepers France we viewed and purchased it in the middle of winter. One of our sayings when house hunting was 'if you love it in winter than summer should be fabulous'. How true was that. Whilst the house purchase was progressing we decided to visit May 2016. I always remember turning into the drive and the car coming to a stop whilst we both said 'OMG'. It was truly breathtaking. The display of flowers and trees was like something from the Chelsea Flower Show. I had never seen so many different colours and types of plants. We knew instantly that we had bought our dream home. May also sees the start of the Sunflower fields. We are very blessed at Finders Keepers to be surrounded by Sunflower fields which look truly amazing when they are in full bloom.

We do find it very odd that we have never had a guest visit for this beautiful month. We are not sure why so maybe you can enlighten us. It is a gardeners heaven. Since buying in 2016 we have added more bulbs and plants which we are starting to see appear adding to its already beauty. Very exciting times ahead.

Well thank you once again for following us. In my next blog I may be able able to share some of our fabulous spring flowers. Fingers crossed.  A big thank you to everyone who has subscribed to our blog, we hope you are enjoying it.

See you all in a few weeks.

Merci et A Bientot



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