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Lets give something back to our Emergency Services and Military.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

At some time during our life our paths will have crossed with either the Blue Light Emergency Services or the Military. It would be fair to say that it has to have happened to each and everyone of us. Not me you may say? I haven't been to hospital or had a run with the police. No, but you will have gone to see a GP, or (if female) had a trip to the nurse or maybe had a baby. You may have had a car accident or just missed one and had the traffic police support you along the busy road, missing the accident that has already happened ahead of you. You may know someone who is in the military or maybe you are in the Military.

Paula and Darren

Both me and my husband Darren are of Military blood. Darren was in the Royal Navy for 14 years as a Medical Assistant whereas I am still in the Royal Navy as a Military Nurse. We work closely with the NHS to remain up to date with our nursing skills so have become very aware of the stresses and strains the NHS are under. I also have school friends who are in the Police, Ambulance service, Prison service which are under an equal amount of stress.

The Military and Emergency Services work their butts of, and don't we know it. We all see and hear it on the News and maybe have witnessed it when we go for an appointment or visit a relative in hospital. I know because I have been on both sides. As a nurse you can only do what you can. Exhausted by the amount of work you have to fit in during your shift, exhausted because you need a day off, exhausted because you have not had any food at all during the whole of your shift. You take on everyone's problems and try to help....because you want to.

Darren and I are lucky enough to own a beautiful holiday let in the South of France. We are very proud to have serviced within the Armed Forces but know the strain it has on families and individuals. This is what made us decide to offer a discount to all Blue Light Emergency Workers and Military Service personnel. If its for a long weekend or a weeks break. It all helps alleviate the stresses of our job. We want people to come here and take of all of their problems/stresses/strains and leave them by the door.

We have decided to offer a 15% discount on all weekly bookings and a 5% discount for a 2 night stay or more. We are hoping people will take up the offer and come to relax, fish, walk, read and just get away from it all.

15% is not a lot but it is a start to helping support the people we cannot do without. It is not just the UK but the whole world.

Thank you to everyone who do a fantastic job all over the world. We couldn't live without you.

Paula and Darren


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