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Snow in the South of France. Really?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Yes, Really!. When we moved to Marcadis, Moncrabeau we found an old sledge in one of our barns. Getting very excited at the prospect of snow in winter we were brought back down to reality when one of our neighbours told us that they had not had snow for years and years. Coming from England we loved the idea of Snow in Winter. The vision of the French landscape covered in a carpet of white snow would be breathtaking. Oh well, never mind.

However........... This year it happened. Yes it happened when we were back in the UK. Great, just our luck. So we still never got to see it however we were very lucky to have house sitters who took some fabulous photographs so we get to see its beauty.

Seasons are fabulous and we should embrace each one. Each one brings fabulous delights for the eye to see. Winter being one of them.

Here it is. Finders Keepers France with a carpet of snow. Beautiful.

Who knows when it will happen again. For now lets enjoy its beauty and look forward to Spring.

Bye for now


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