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June 2023 -Our 7th season

Well hello and welcome to Junes update. Already so much has happened this year. Im excited to tell you the updates and also what we have planned for next year.

This will be our last season working seperately. Currently I reside in the UK working in the Royal Navy whilst managing the secretarial/booking part of the business in my spare time. Darren however does many jobs as he keeps reminding me. The groundsman, repair man, meet and greet, cleaning, changeovers, laundry and entertaining. Despite his occassional grumbling about how overworked and underpaid he is we would not change it for the world. The business is growing year on year and we cannot believe we will be entering our 7th year. We are loving it. I only have 8 months left in the Royal Navy before moving full time to France. Excited to say the least.

Changes to Marcadis Gite - Every year we try to make changes to Marcadis Gite. This year she has seen new furniture and a new welcome pack. I was a little unsure of the furniture choice but I now love it. It feels more homely and comfortable.

The gite garden has been taken over by the wild flower meadow. Initially we wanted to keep the garden clean and free from wild flowers, however the wildlife it is attracting is beautiful. So it has now turned into a wildlife haven for bees, moths, butterfly plus many more insects.

Sunset View - Every year we try and do a little work to Sunset View as this is turning out to be the most popular area of Finders Keepers France, however this year we have gone mad. We hired in some fabulous workers who removed the large fig tree and all of the broken concrete. We then had a new concrete area created ready to design the new outdoor lounge and bar. We also wanted a new flat zone for the table tennis and a home for my prescious cactus/succulent boat. I must say, this has got to be the best transformation to date. We still have lots to do. Floors to tile, bar tops to install, gardens to develop and a kitchen to build. Here it is as it stands.

Cactus and Succulent boat - As you will all be aware, this is my pride and joy. The workmen, and Darren had strict instructions they were not allowed to damage any of my cactus or succulents. They could move the boat to another area however it still had to be in view. After trying to move it they all accepted defeat and so it remains part of the new lounge. I must admit, I am rather pleased as it has fitted in perfectly. Darren has re landscaped it and added lights. My job now when I return in July is to paint it. Perfect. Here it is as it stands or rather sails.

The gardens - Well the gardens are looking amazing thanks to the very odd weather we are all experiencing. Hot sun through the day and then flash storms in the evening. What ever is happening. I just hope it settles for our first guests in 6 days time.

Walnut Grove Glamping and Camping has finally arrived. The opening is now scheduled for June 2024. Work is underway building the decked platforms that the tents will sit on, the tents are being purchased and the individual gardens planted and designed. Darren has a massive to do list however is looking forward to the hard work. This is something we have wanted for so long. We have a shop and reception to build, an indoor and outdoor kitchen, a mediterranean outdoor shower, an ECO green toilet and parking spaces.

Finally Nigel and Loustic. Loustic is doing great. He has improved so much. He sleeps throughout the night, does not escape the house any more and his appetite is improving. He has had to have biopsies taken from each hip due to lumps therefore we are waiting patiently for the results. We have found him a home with a family so we just hope the news is good and quick so he can finally settle into his forever family. Nigel is a true rascal. We have a lot of training required due to his mischievious Chihuahua ways but he will remain part of Finders Keepers France.

Well I must go as lots to do this weekend in preparation for our first guests of the season. We hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather that is upon us. Have a lovely weekend and I will be back in touch next month with an update on how Walnut Grove is progressing.

Thank you for joining me and following our Blogs.

Bye for now

Darren and Paula



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