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Spring is here. Its April. Hip Hip Hooray I hear you shout.

Bonjour . Its April and spring has landed with a bang. The warm weather has arrived bringing the blue sky, the green grass, and the beautiful garden bulbs. Darren has a love for bulbs and plants over 200 every year in pots. You can imagine the excitement when we see them popping up here and there. At the end of the season he moves them out of their pots and transfers them into the ground. The process then starts again for the next season. I must say the grounds really come to life at this time of year.

Our old entrance gates have finally been replaced. Darren has built two beautiful planters that sit proudly at the top of the drive. As you guessed, they are full of bulbs. First came the daffodils (sadly I never caught their beauty on camera), next came the tulips. What will we have next? Who knows.

Next year is going to be our grand opening of the retreat. We have held off on the glamping and camping for 3 years now due to COVID and 'not feeling the time was right'. I will be leaving the UK and the Military in Feb 24 to join Darren full time, so we feel now is the time to start preparing ready for the opening day. We are very very excited and cannot wait to share it with you all.

The retreat is going to remain small and personal but special in so many ways. Our vision is peace and tranquility therefore we will remain child free. Our focus is nature, wildlife and relaxation. There will be feeding stations and spotters areas around the lake and woodland so we encourage you all to bring binoculars. Darren is also designing a relaxation wellness area with fabulous views, for those who love to meditate or relax in peace. The top gardens around the main house will remain more formal, the upper grounds are wildflower meadows, and the grounds around the lake will be left to nature, encouraging visiting wildife and allowing guests the chance to see them as they pass. You will not have experienced peace until you experience Finders Keepers France. You can feel the stress leave your body as you arrive.

Accommodation, there will be Marcadis Gite and four 5m Glamping tents. The tents will be located in Walnut orchard overlooking the chateau, all with fabulous views and mounted on decking. We are aware that sunset view is now becoming the most popular spot within the retreat therefore Darren has started a full renovation developing an outdoor lounge area surrounded by fruit trees and sculptured gardens. Fabulous for those gardeners amongst us. More details about this will be in my May blog. Below is as it currently stands. It has come a long way yet there is still lots to do.

Well that is all for today in Aprils blog.

Thank you for listening and have a fabulous Easter. Dont eat too many chocolate eggs but enjoy the beautiful weather. See you all again in May

A bientôt

Darren et Paula




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